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Port Welshpool

Commercial fishing trawlers still scatter the seascape of this once thriving fishing and cargo port.  This coastal town still provides seafood for markets in Melbourne and abroad and is a hive of activity for recreational fishing and boating.  The local fishing industry was the lifeblood of this community and was the reason the Corner Inlet area flourished.  Take a stroll along the waterfront, or soak up the atmosphere as the fishermen unload their catch.

Picnic and barbeque facilities provide the perfect spot to celebrate the beginning or end of your trail adventure.

Visit South Gippsland

Walking the dogs, Port Welshpool
Fishing Nets
Boats at Port Welshpool
Port Welshpool Jetty
Port Welshpool Maritime Museum
Views of Snake Island
Port Welshpool Long Jetty
Port Welshpool
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