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Nyora to Loch

Hills and Hay

5.5 km

Set out from the grassy reserve on this short downhill section, passing the Nyora Raceway on your right as you exit the town.  The trail dips through tranquil countryside, dotted with contented cows and in the warmer months, hay bales.  This section of the trail marks the starting point of the Strzelecki Ranges, and the gentle mounds that surround you soon morph into a more dramatic landscape with seemingly infinite layers of hills in the distance.

On the descent to Bass River and Allsop Creek you'll be surrounded by bushland before arriving at the Loch Railway Station.  The small station building, relocated from Welshpool, has flower boxes under its generous verandah giving a romantic 1890's vibe to the platform.  If you've arrived on a market day, the platform hums with craft, plant, food and bric a brac stalls.


Available in Henley and Mitchell Streets


Available in various locations in the town centre.  Access to the GSRT via the underpass near Sunnyside Park / Loch Village Reserve

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