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Meeniyan to Fish Creek

Abundant Wildlife to Artists Hub

18.3 km

The original railway surveyors curved the line towards the south to avoid the steep hills at Foster North.  Today, this diverse 18.3km section of the trail offers views of productive pastures, giant gumtrees and flowing creeks.  This varied environment opens itself to an abundance of wildlife at every turn.  Journey past the horse racing town of Stony Creek, rest at the playground at Buffalo and enjoy a breathtaking rural outlook as you approach Fish Creek.


Available along Thompkins Road


Available at Neals Road


Located just off Falls Rd, behind the

BP Service Station Car Park.

Meeniyan to Fish Creek Section


Section Information

Meeniyan to Fish Creek

Tree Valley at Buffalo
Fence of Green, Buffalo
Pink Silage Bales, Buffalo
Seat at Buffalo
Buffalo, Station Master House
Trail and Rider, Buffalo
Umbrella Tree at Buffalo
Windmill at Buffalo, GSRT
Koala at Stony Creek
Horses at Stony Creek
Stony Creek Racecourse
Stony Creek
Trail View, Stony Creek
Farmland at Stony Creek
Gold Light, Meeniyan
Using the Trail, Meeniyan
Trail Users, Meeniyan
Spiderman in Meeniyan
Tanderra Park, Meeniyan
Trail Users, Meeniyan
Water at Tanderra Park
Tanderra Park, Meeniyan
Lunch at Moos
Sunset at Meeniyan
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