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Toora is situated at the foot of Mount Best with Mount Fatigue to the north.  Both offer spectacular views of Corner Inlet and Wilsons Promontory.  In the hills north east of the township, you will find one of Victoria's first wind farms and the spectacular Agnes Falls - the state's highest single span waterfall. Agnes Falls is easily accessible by car from Toora; just follow the signs from Silcocks Hill Road.  An internationally recognised wetlands site, featuring a bird hide for observing the variety of migratory birds, is also just a short journey from town.

Many of Toora's historic buildings still remain and can be visited by following the trail markers to the Royal Standard Hotel, The Bank of Victoria Limited, The Union Bank of  Australia and The Great Southern Cooperative.

Visit South Gippsland

Wind Farm, Toora
Toora, Trail crossing
Red Sheds, Toora
Prom Views, toora
The Prom from the trail
Main St, Toora
Toora Pub
Green Hills at Toora
Wind Farm, Toora
Pear Tree Flowering
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