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Great Southern Rail

1887 to 1994


Railway construction commenced, it was constructed in three sections;

  • Dandenong to Whitelaw

  • Whitelaw to Toora

  • Toora to Port Albert


A tourist train travelled to South Gippsland, with 70 passengers on board who slept in sleeping cars.  Their excursions included Bulga Park, Agnes Falls, Darby Chalet and Waratah Bay.  Passengers were also treated to a boat trip on the 'Janet Illes'.


Railway opened


The Welshpool horse drawn tramway ceased operation


Welshpool to Port Welshpool horse drawn tramway opened


Stony Creek was an electric staff station, a unique token system developed in England and introduced to Australia in the early 1890s

A train departing from Stony Creek collected passengers along the line until Ruby.  The passengers then travelled onto Nyora, changed trains and headed to the coastal town of Kilcunda for a picnic and visit to the ocean before returning later in the day.

A branch line was constructed from the main line prior to Welshpool, to serve the Barry Beach oil terminal.

Tarwin Station operated until the 1970s





Students from Leongatha High School travelled to Dandenong to compete in school sports.  Students from Sale, Warragul and on occasion Bairnsdale would travel on the Gippsland line to compete in school sports.


In late 1988 the last steam train travelled beyond Leongatha to Foster


The decline in railway patronage resulted in the cancellation of the Wednesday evening train from Melbourne, and the morning train reduced to three days per week.


After 100 years of operation passenger services ceased on July 24


Freight and Goods services continued until the line was formally closed, bringing to an end a remarkable chapter in Victoria's transport industry

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