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Loch to Korumburra

Bridges and Falls

15.8 km

This section of trail runs passes the Loch railway station and the old Jeetho Station site. It also runs under six road bridges: Bass Valley Road, Main Road, Bena Kongwak Road, South Gippsland Highway and Loch Poowong Road. This section of trail includes Hilda Falls – where a small viewing platform is planned to enable rail trail users to safely view the falls from the trail. There is a connection from the trail to the Loch Recreation Reserve via a suspension bridge and a connection to the Loch township via a tunnel under the South Gippsland Highway.

A market is held regularly near the Loch Station during the warmer months.


Available in various locations in the town centre.  Access to the GSRT via the underpass near Sunnyside Park / Loch Village Reserve


Available at the Korumburra Railway Precinct, entry via Commercial Street

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