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Welshpool to Port Welshpool

Native Gardens and Colourful Fishing Boats

5 km

The trail winds its way through the streets of Welshpool before continuing along to the coast.  This is a short 5km flat section as you approach Corner Inlet and the end of the Great Southern Rail Trail.  You will pass the golf course and lush pockets of coastal vegetation before arriving in the fishing town of Port Welshpool.  Enjoy breathtaking views of Corner Inlet, Snake Island and Wilsons Promontory.

Welshpool to Port Welshpool Section


Located off the South Gippsland Highway at Memorial Hall Reserve


Located off Lewis Street, at the Ferry Terminal car park


Section Information, Welshpool to Port Welshpool

View of Snake Island
Port Welshpool Maritime Museum
View of the Long Jetty
Walking the dogs, Port Welshpool
Jetty at Port Welshpool
Dog on the Jetty
Fishing Nets
Boats at Port Welshpool
Port Welshpool
Port Welshpool, Coastal View
Port Welshpool Coast
Port Welshpool Long Jetty
Anchor in the Park, Welshpool
Avenue of Honour, Welshpool
Welshpool Cenotaph
Palms at Welshpool
Welshpool Post Office
Welshpool Pub
Trail Users, Welshpool
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