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Nyora to Port Welshpool

Explore our towns and delight in the unique stories and experiences they offer

The Great Southern Rail Trail links many South Gippsland towns known for local food, wine and art. Walk, cycle or ride the entire trail or just take your time enjoying a shorter journey.


As the Great Southern Rail Trail winds its way through South Gippsland, you’ll take in spectacular vistas of rich farmland, lush rainforest and Corner Inlet. This gentle trail is suitable for cyclists, walkers and horse riders of all abilities and fitness levels. For most of the journey it is an even grade trail with the occasional rise.

Tanderra Park, Meeniyan
Leongatha, Start of the Trail
Hoddle Hills, Fish Creek
Bridge timbers, Koonwarra
Old Oak at Koonwarra
Koonwarra Bridges
Stony Creek Racecourse
Gold Light, Meeniyan
Melaleuca - Buffalo
Rolling Green Hills
Lush Green Pasture
Rusty Red Sheds, Toora
Coastal Grasses, Toora
Coastal Grass, Toora
Port Welshpool, Banksia Serrata
Lone Rider, Dryings Rd
Landscape at Toora
Red Bike
Horticultural Park, Leongatha
Sitting on the Fence
Tee Tree
Agnes Falls, Toora
Anchor in the Park, Welshpool
Avenue of Honour, Welshpool
Welshpool Cenotaph
Palms at Welshpool
Welshpool Post Office
Welshpool Pub
Trail Users, Welshpool
Flowering Pear, Toora
Toora WindFarm
Hills and Windmills, Toora
Toora, Main Street
Toora Pub
Main Street, Toora
Prom Views
Prom View from Toora
Red Sheds at Toora
Trail Crossing, Toora
View of the Wind Turbines, Toora
Koala at Stony Creek
Horses at Stony Creek
Stony Creek Racecourse
Stony Creek
Trail View, Stony Creek
Farmland at Stony Creek
View of Snake Island
Port Welshpool Maritime Museum
View of the Long Jetty
Walking the dogs, Port Welshpool
Jetty at Port Welshpool
Dog on the Jetty
Fishing Nets
Boats at Port Welshpool
Port Welshpool
Port Welshpool, Coastal View
Port Welshpool Coast
Port Welshpool Long Jetty
Port Welshpool
Using the Trail, Meeniyan
Trail Users, Meeniyan
Spiderman in Meeniyan
Tanderra Park, Meeniyan
Trail Users, Meeniyan
Water at Tanderra Park
Meeniyan Store
Meeniyan - Garlic Show
Lunch at Moos
Sunset at Meeniyan
Leongatha, Walkers
Leongatha, Trail Users
Leongatha, Horticultural Park
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