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Toora to Welshpool

Majestic Views and Native Gardens

10.2 km

This is a predominantly flat 10.2km section of the trail with gorgeous views of Corner Inlet.  You will travel through areas of bushland and dairy farms, crossing over Agnes River as it flows toward the sea.  Look out for unique native flora and enjoy the tranquil, historic gardens as you approach Welshpool.


The car park can be accessed from Toora Jetty Road


Located off the South Gippsland Highway at Memorial Hall Reserve


Section Information, Toora to Welshpool

Toora to Welshpool Section
Flowering Pear, Toora
Toora WindFarm
Hills and Windmills, Toora
Toora, Main Street
Toora Pub
Main Street, Toora
Prom Views
Prom View from Toora
Red Sheds at Toora
Trail Crossing, Toora
View of the Wind Turbines, Toora
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